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Read Tanya's latest book, Undaunted, and her first book, Army Wives, based on the hit TV show of the same name!

What Others Are Saying About Undaunted

Praise and reviews are coming in for Undaunted. Kirkus Reviews calls Undaunted "An eye-opening account of a military in transition." Publisher's Weekly calls Tanya "a skilled biographer" and "Ask Amy" columnist, Amy Dickinson, says she "LOVES" Undaunted!

Undaunted Paperback Praise!

"I salute these brave women. And I salute Tanya Biank for bringing their story to the rest of us. They make us proud."
Leon Panetta, former Secretary of Defense and CIA Director

"Tanya Biank has done the nation a service with this clear-eyed account of women in uniform, edging ever closer to war."
Mark Thompson, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Time Magazine.